Because it is all about me - Oh and Pie, yeah all about me and pie

Mythmere Games has released the Old School Renaissance Art Book Surge of the Wine-Dark Sea. I've been looking through my artists copy and it is fantastic! No, not because my work is in it - trust me, I'm the bottom feeder of the lot - I'm just glad they let me in the same book as these guys. I mean Peter Mullen, Stefan Poag, Michael Cote, Paul Jaquays?!?! What's not to like. My link is to the Hard Cover (which even though I've got the PDF I'm going to go out and buy a copy) but it is also available in Softcover and PDF. It has some great art and artist bios. So if you're a fan of OSR art, I highly reccommend going out and buying a copy. It's even better than pie!


  1. Um ... don't be claiming my spot as the bottom feeder of the lot, I'm rather proud of holding that distinction! :)

  2. Another cool book to buy! Congrats on having your work included.

  3. Dude, I am gonna buy that PDF! Thanks for the link.


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