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Lands of Ara Compendium Now Available!

The Lands of Ara Compendium is now available for free here .  I had a great time working on the cover and I think Daisey did an outstanding job on the color.  Here's a look at the color and further rendered B&W version.  Go check it out!

Latest Happenings

I've had a hectic time at work followed up with an out of country business trip next week.  Having a cold during allergy season is compounding the interest on all the fun and thus hampered my ability to do much on projects, let alone blog about it.  I am happy to say that I finished up two art pieces for Tim Shorts ' zine The Manor.  I really dig contributing to these OSR projects.  I've still got to work on a piece for Carter Soles over at the Lands of Ara blog .  Then it will be back to work on Delve!  I've decided I want to do some more ink wash art so I'll be doing that for the interior and a linoleum print front cover.  Just waiting for the linoleum to arrive in the mail and then time to have some fun.  Well, that's all for now.  Happy gaming everyone!

Delve! Zine Update and other things...

March Madness has struck in Team Bingham land.   Lots of things going on at work, in the day to day happenings, and with my RPG life.   I’ve been busy working on various art commissions for folks.   I’m excited to get a chance to do some work for North Wind Studious on a module for Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea.   Jeff Talanian has put together a very interesting setting that has a dark, pulpy horror feel to it.   I think it fills a nice middle ground between what James Raggi is doing with Lamentations of the Flame Princess and Trey Causey is doing with Weird Adventures.   I know there are quite a bit of “weird fantasy” systems and settings popping up, but that is a good thing in my book, especially since they are all covering the spectrum of weird fantasy. I have been working slowly on Delve! Zine.   It is most definitely a project on my to do list.   I just ported it from MS Word over to Publisher to get it into the right format for printing.   I just ordered s

Old School meet New School: Kobold Art

Not too long ago, Kobold Quarterly announced that they were having an artistry contest.  I'm not too sure what the status of the contest is, but I thought I'd go ahead and display the art that I submited.  As always, I'm super excited by Daisey's color work.  Can you spot all of the inspirations?