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OSR Contributions

Guy Fullerton has come up with a really great listing of Old School Gaming releases since 2000 .  It covers a lot of ground from Dragonsfoot to Retroclones and various adventures/supplements/campaign settings from a multitude of companies/individuals.  At 602 listed individuals contributions, that's some pretty impressive creativity from the Old School gaming community.  When I checked the list, I've contributed artwork for 32 of the listed works.  Not too shabby and there is more to come.  Currently I'm working on some pieces for Joe Browning at Expeditious Retreat Press followed by some work for Peter Spahn at Small Niche Games.  Then of course there is Delve! (man, what an undertaking, but yes, I'm still working it along with my other projects!).  A fun ride and I look forward to see more stuff come out from you crazy creative old schoolers/hobbyist gamers out there.  Keep em coming!

The Pustulent Lord

So, I've been having some Interwebz difficulties at home.  The Italians just don't seem to have the same sense of customer support urgency that those of us from the States might be familiar with.  Not necessarily a bad thing, but anywho...  So, for Delve! Zine I wanted to give a little bit of what to expect for my initial outing.  Right now, it'll mostly consist of an adventure designed for mid level characters.  The adventure takes place in a location that can easily be inserted into any campaign.  It'll tie into my Moinar Marches Campaign but no explicit references to that campaign in the adventure itself.  The adventure centers around an unscrupulous advisor to a local baron who plots to have the baron overthrown and himself put in the baron's place.  Ultimately, the Baron is indeed deposed, however, the advisor is himself betrayed and exiled.  The exiled advisor allies himself with a cabal of practioners of the black arts.  Through study, avarice, ambition, lust

Interwebz Problems

My internet connection at home is not functional.  The Italian phone company is upgrading the lines in my area and of course that means loss of all landline phone and Internet for the time being.  I'm not quite sure when it will come back up but I can garuntee that it won't be until tomorrow at the earliest since today is an ITalian Holiday.  I hope everyone had a happy Easter!

Delve! Update: I'm Learning a few things here

OK, so, I'm still working on Delve!  and it is going a lot slower than I had anticipated.  There are several reasons for this, but I think most of it stems from the fact that I'm learning a lot as I go.  Crafting the dungeon for Delve! has been an experience.  Even though it is only 11 keyed areas, it has still been a lot of work.  I think one of the biggest lightbulb moments for me has been that writing an adventure for me is very different from how I actually DM an adventure.  I tend to be a lot more off the cuff and wing my adventures when I actually play (as I'm sure quite a bit of you old school GMs tend to do).  However, when I write and adventure down for others, the tendancy is to swing too far the other way and micromanage detail.  That's not really what anyone one wants.  So, I've been spending far more time trying to find the happy medium and I think I'm getting there.  I want to convey flavor while still giving the DM flexibility (no railroading).  S