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Quietly slaving away at the drawing table

I've been busy working on art for Expeditious Retreat Press and Adventurer Conqueror King and several other commissions. It's been pretty hectic at the day job so that has lessened my output level, but I'm slowly catching up. So if I've been quite I apologize, but I've been working! I have acquired The first three volumes of the Arduin Grimoire. Pretty interesting stuff. I like the artwork and the over the top zany nature of it all. Fun stuff. Also, the Tome of Horrors Complete is AWESOME. I really like the small stat blocks and the adventure hook ideas. I've been gravitating towards Swords & Wizardry/OD&D a lot lately. Finally, I hope to get back on some of my projects soon. Isle of Maedsid has really been on my mind a lot lately. Not to mention I'm thinking of collaborating on a Cthulhueque comic with a friend and also writing some short fiction. Ah, if I can just maintain enough energy to get even a small fraction of my ideas off t

Reach for the Stars! Star Frontiers OSR Goodness!!

OK, I know I've seen it mentioned a couple of times but it is worth bringing up again. The OSR is MORE than just D&D retroclones. There is a whole lotta goodness going on out there. One of the games I played as a kid to get a bit of a change from D&D/fantasy was Star Frontiers. DwD Studios has done a great job of supporting Star Frontiers. Some of you might be familiar with the Star Frontiersman zine already. If not, go check out DwD's downloads and load up on some good stuff!