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An out take piece

Here's one I was going to do in Adventures Dark and Deep but I felt that I kinda blew the description so I didn't submit it.  However, I like the piece so it's gonna be in Delve issue 2. Alright, I've got a ton of projects to work on including Delve 2 so Happy Gaming folks!

Lost Lair of the Lizard Laird now available digitally!!!!!

Heya gang, Lost Lair of the Lizard Laird is now for sale at RPGNow. Old School Gaming goodness for on a buck ninety nine. Check it out here: 116152/ Delve-Zine-Special---Lost-Lair- of-the-Lizard-Lairdhttp:// Delve-Zine-Special---Lost-Lair- of-the-Lizard-Laird.   Thanks for permitting me this moment as a shameless shill - oh what the hell, even if you don't permit it I gonna do it anyway ;).  Just go check it out OK?  Grazie!!