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For the Love of the Game

Yikes, tomorrow's December 1st?!?! How the heck has this year gone by so fast? I'm winding down my last set of commissions for the year. I'm almost done inking a piece for Carter over at the Lands of Ara blog. After that, it'll be Daisey's turn to work her magic coloring it. It's always fun to get to work on projects for the old school crowd and fellow bloggers. I've also got a bunch of interior work for another old school company coming up. All in all, 2011 has been a major boon year for me with the art gigs. So thank you for continuing to encourage me to keep doing this crazy fun work. It is heartening to get to participate and give back to this hobby that I've loved since I was a kid. At any rate, if anyone has got some projects that they are going to want some art for coming up in the new year, drop me a line. I always am willing to work something out with fellow old school gamers to give back to the hobby.

Put the wine glass down and get back to writing!

Zak S over at playing D&D with Pornstars always has a way of firing folks up. I think he really nails it with his latest post which you can read here . So yeah, even though I'm here in Florence soaking up the art, food and wine (and it's all damn good). I AM still working on some projects. I just happen to be slow as hell (well that and I also like doing art for other people's projects). So, what about you?

Heading in to the Holidays

Whew, this time of year is just plain busy around the Bingham household. I have a few new commissions lined up so I'm sure I'll have plenty of new drawings to do to keep me busy. It's busy at the day job too and I'm a bit tired from my latest business trip. I'm headed to Florence, (as in Italy) next week to have a different take on Thanksgiving with Team Bingham. I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and here's another peek at some of my Adventurer Conqueror King art.

Nothing says I Love you like a Morning Star to the Face

So I wraped up my contributions to Adventurer Conqueror King last weekend. I am happy with my contributions and ecstatic that I was able to participate. I cannot wait for the finished work. Here's a peek at one of my pieces: Now I'm working on a piece for Carter over at the Lands of Ara Blog . I am having a lot of fun with this piece. Daisey will be doing duty on the color work so I'm anticipating a very nice piece indeed. She always makes me look good ;). I've decided to rework The Warrens of Polstrus Lev. I'm going to make it a bit darker in tone than the original. I'll rework the original for something else later, but I want Polstrus Level to be part of a series along with Sinister Sightings at Dustcahpel Downs, Isle of Maedsid, Bassalt Keep of Wilven the Yellow, and Shadow of the Umbral Palace. Yes, I'm still working those. Since I'm doing all of the writing, mapping, and art it is taking a while (not to mention my creative ADD). I pr

Pulpy Doodles

Heh, I've been reading quite a bit of classic pulp, swords and sorcery and swords and planet literature lately. I'll admit to this being the first time I've ever really delved into much of this stuff. I'm not sure why, but my only guess is that being a comic book lover growing up that I read John Carter via Marvel Comics rather than through ERB. It is really fun to read the real deal. Of course having said that, I also do really love old comics (especially the older horror/crime/sci-fi stuff). Man, those old Gold Key comics had some awesome painted covers. At any rate, work has slowed down a bit and given me a chance to think more creatively. I'm brimming with ideas once again and that's exciting. Perhaps part of it is that for some reason, Fall always brings on a creative rush for me. Well, I'll ride that wave! Here's a little doodle that I did over my lunch break at work that shows my current creative leanings.

While the Cat's Away...

I hope everyone out there had a great Halloween. We sure did here. I am sure that the kids will have candy for several months to come! At any rate, I've been pretty busy working away at some art and I have a piece to share. This one is for an upcoming release from Expeditiour Retreat Press entitled Mouth of the Shadowvein in their Advanced Adventures line: I always greatly enjoy working on pieces for Joe and Suzi. The adventures always have that great old school look and feel and it is a hell of a lot of fun working on them. I've got some collaborations with my beautiful and most tallented wife Daisey on some covers that I'll share soon. I've also been working on finishing some more art for Adventurer Conqueror King. I'm pretty excited about those as well. Upcoming, I'm dabling in fiction writing and looking on doing something with that. It's still too early to say much more on that front, but I'm having a lot of fun and trying to get in som