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400th Post Comes in with a whimper

Wow, my 400th post.  Not saying much since I have not posted in almost a month.  I do hope everyone has a great Halloween.  Life at Ostensible Cat/Team Bingham HQ has been very hectic with a trip back to the States, multiple family members with the flue, out of town guests, and Halloween preparation.  In addition, I'm working some art for Expeditious Retreat Press as well as Delve!  Yes, I haven't forgotten - I've just had to shift to the right.  I tend to have a lot of grandiose ideas so I have to reign it in a bit for Delve! but I think there is definitely some good stuff in there for folks.  More to follow on that.  At any rate, later on today I'll be escorting Fire Squirrel (my daughter Rosa's superheroine costume for Halloween) and the Zombie Hunter (my son's Halloween costume) for trick or treating tonight.  Have fun all!

I'm not dead yet so here's another update on Delve issue 2

Man, having the flu just sucks.  SUCKS!  I know some folks can get creative urges when they are feverish, but all I want to do is curl up in a ball and whimper like a baby.  That's pretty much how I spent the last week.  However, I'm feeling much better and finished another piece for Delve! issue 2.  This is Angrim the Grotesque, a professor of life sciences at Foxhall Park.  Angrim devoted his life's work to the study of the secrets of life.  Upon his death, his students used his theories to bring him back to life.  Of course, the reanimation of dead flesh had some unforeseen side effects and has caused Angrim's body to twist and mutate in rather grotesque manner.  He wears a sack cloth mask so as to hide the nature of his disfigurement from the public.  However, he continues to teach and seek out the secrets of life and death at Foxhall Park.