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Delve! Zine Preview

So, yeah, I've been busy working on the art work for Delve!  Did I mention that I finished writing it finally?  No?  Well, I did and sent it off to my brave, most excellent and most appreciated proof readers (THANKS gang!!).  The writing is done, pending the edits and inevitable adjustments.  I've had some thoughts on how I want to get this out there in the world.  The most obvious is the traditional Zine print, package, and mail off.  I am limited about what I can do with the mail system through the APO so I will probably do a very limited distro this way.  My next thought is to do a small print run through a professional printer and then have it distributed through online retailers like Noble Knight games.  The more I look into that, the more I like the idea.  I found a printer that seems to have a very reasonable rate on small print runs.  I'm thinking of less that 100 copies of the first issue and then ship em off to the retailers.  Of course, there is the pdf distribut


I got a good response to my request for proof readers for Delve!  Thanks gang for stepping up.  I'll be in touch here in a week or so (hopefully) with the draft versions.  I have pretty much finished writing for the adventure, I just need to finish the write ups for the new spells (I'm halfway done with that part), new items and new monsters.  I think the first release, due to space will be more of an adventure than an true zine in the fact that I'm going to have maybe one or two editorial type articles.  I'd also like to maybe toss in a few advertisements for other folk's stuff.  Pretty much all of you guys that contacted me have stuff of your own that I'd love to sing the praises of.  So if you have a cover or whatever art or verbiage you'd like me to use to promote your stuff, send it in!  I plan on doing a push over this holiday weekend to get the bulk of the writing and design elements done.  Happy Gaming!!

A Little Help Please?

Getting near the end of the writing for Delve!  It is definitely much more of an ambitious project than I had anticipated, but it is a great learning experience.  I do realize however, that I am new at this; so very, very new.  I was wondering, anyone interested in giving me a had with some proof reading?  I'm doing it in MS Publisher 2010 but can export to a pdf.  I'll even be willing to compensate for time spent.  It'll be probably another week or two before I'm ready for proof readers.  Well, anyone interested, email me at johnathan DOT bingham at gmail Dot com.  Thanks and happy gaming!

Delve Preview: New Spell Arthitic Word

Yes, I have been productive, but I'm realizing the full extent of my ambition for Delve and the amount of work that requires.  One of the central features of Delve! is an adventure.  For the first outing, I'm introducing Calmos Vectos Mori, the Pustulent Lord - a Plague Magus.  With that, I've developed a few new spells in the new school of arcane magic Pathognomancy.  Instead of continually making excuses, I decided to make an actual content post.  Here's one of the new Pathognomancy spells, Arthritic Word: Arthritic Word Arcane Pathognomancy Level:   Magic User 3 Range:   5 ft/level Duration: 1 round/level Area of Effect:   One person Components:   V, S, M Casting Time:   4 Segments Saving Throw:   Half This spell causes the victim to be subject to crippling pain in all joints for one round per caster level (1d10 points of damager per round per caster level).   If reduced to 0 hit points, the victim will be rendered unconscious but will not die

Delve! Zine Update

So, yeah, I've been neglecting to post lately.  Not due to being overcome by my natural lazy tendencies, but I've actually been spending quite a bit of time on Delve!  I've finished writing the adventure, now I've got to write the spell descriptions for the ten new spells ( Arthritic Word, Bestill thy Heart, Bloat, Bone Spur, Consumption, Cancerous Touch, Evil Eye, Famine, Fever Dream and Jaundiced Eye).  I've also got a few new monsters, and four new magic items.  So I'm getting closer but still a bit of work to do.  And then there is the art.  I've got at least six new pieces of art to do for this project.  It's looking like it'll weigh in around 36 pages digest size.  I'll do a free pdf release and then look into print options.  I don't have a release date yet other than it'll be done when it's done.  Quite a bit of a learning curve here for me and I've learned how to do things but perhaps more importantly how not to do thing

Delve! Zine progress Report

I just finished up a batch of commissions and I am in the midst of another so this has slowed progress a bit on Delve!  (not to mention all of the recent travel for my day job).  Anyway, I've started back up the past few days.  As with most things I attempt on my own, Delve! just seems to keep growing.  I'm thinking it'll be around 28 pages digest size with the bulk of that devoted to my adventure The Halls of Calmos Vectos Mori I, the Pustulent Lord.  I am chugging along pretty nicely now and it all seems to be coming together.  The adventure is a mid range one (something on the order of levels 4-7 or so for 4-6 players).  Due to the nature of the adventure, I'd say that a cleric is pretty much a necessity just due to the sheer amount of disease causing things.  I haven't started on the art yet, but I do have some ideas for some pieces.  Here's what I'm thinking as far as the actual release.  Since this is my first outing, I'm thinking of a free pdf rel

New Game Commissioned art

Wow, sorry that I've been a way for a while.  I've been doing a lot of traveling for the day job and it has kept me away from my posting.  At any rate, I'm excited about some new work that I did for North Wind Publishing's Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea .  Yes, it is another game system based off the old school rule sets.  Yes, it is weird fantasy.  I know there seems to be a lot of that.  However, AS&SoH is a very interesting setting, combining some Lovecraftian weirdness, some sci-fi, and some weird fantasy in one setting.  And it's written by Jeff Talanian who you might know as the writer for Troll Lord's Castle Zagyg material plus items for Fight On! and Knockspell.  Not to mention Ian Baggley who does some fantastic and moody art that gives the whole a really Lovecraftian vibe more than an Old School D&D feel.  So, I cannot recommend checking out their stuff more highly.  I think iot'd be a lot of fun to combine Lamentations o