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Strange and Sinister Shores

So, I mentioned a little while back that I was participating as a writer/artist for an upcoming crowd funded Lamentations of the Flame Princess project.  Well, the time has arrived!  Strange and Sinister  Shores is my contribution to the campaign (check it out here ).  What is it about?  Here's the flavor text from the campaign: The night of the hell born star, still oft remarked upon five years hence in the city of Ostregoth. A night when the sky was brighter than the sun at the height of summer and the ground swelled and heaved like the seas in a storm with the very city walls still bearing the scars. Sir Gustav Klemt, with letters patent from Grand Duke Ruprecht IV and an expeditionary force of thirty men provisioned for three years set forth to learn the fate of the 120 men, women and children of fishing village Tunguk on the great lake of Bykaal and the nearby monastery of St. Georg of the Chalice. That was four years ago. Not one word has been heard of the Klemt

Delve! Cover Down!

Delve! issue one is nearing completion.  Most of the major art pieces are done, I just have to do one more major piece and then spot pieces for monsters and items.  I've got a few edits to incorporate and then tweak the formatting and ensure that I can get this into a workable pdf format.  Here's a look again at the front cover: If everything goes smoothly, it should be done and released to the wild before my birthday next month!  What a way to leap from the 30's and delve into 40!

Delve! into Weird Fantasy

I love weird fantasy.  I love mash ups.  I know that lately, weird fantasy in gaming has taken on more of a Mythos bent.  While I love that, sometimes I'd like to see fantasy gaming taken in strange and divergent directions.  I came across the above images while trying to find some inspirational ideas for Delve! Zine.  I know mash ups are not everyone's cuppa, but I think that is OK.  It think one of the great things about the OSR and the Hobbyist gaming explosion is that there is enough traditional Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Supers, etc to keep us swimming in that stuff for a long time.  When I was a kid, I used to like to bring out all of my toys and have wierd advntures that would drive my friends crazy.  I had Legos, Star Wars, army men, GI Joes, Super heroes, Transformers and Fisher Price people engaged in combatting cosmic menaces such as Wacky Wall Crawlers, plastic dinosaurs, Shogun Warriors, Micronauts, etc. I think Trey Causey's Weird Adventures scratches

The Great Lamentations of the Flame Princess Campaign

It's almost time for the campaign to kick off.  I'm pretty excited and hope that folks will check out the adventures.  There's quite a lineup.  James Raggi has just posted the adventure summaries and they all look pretty darned cool.  Here's the link .  More to follow on this one for sure!

It's all about me

I just finished doing a podcast interview with Jennifer Steen for the jennisodes podcast.  She still has to edit it, but when it's done I'll post the link.  I highly encourage you to check out her other podcasts here .  She is also doing a fun RPG called Ninja Panda Taco with a kickstarter.  I'm totally getting in on this one.  I mean, getting to play competing masterminds and minions out for world domination, sounds like a good family game for the Binghams.  Yes, I must have my minions help me take over the world ;).  So why was I doing a podcast interview?  Well, I'm going to be participating in the Lamentations of the Flame Princess summer campaign Inidiegogo crowdsource project.  Yeah, this time I'm doing the whole enchilada, art, writing, design, cartography, etc.  A lot of fun for sure but a bit intimidating considering some of the folks on the list! I'm chugging along pretty well on Delve!  I've incorporated most of the typo edits and editorial

Seeing RED (and black and blue)

And it's a good thing!  I've started editing the Delve! Zine manuscript this morning, getting by with a little help from my friends.  Thanks for the great work to my stalwart proofreaders!  So it looks like everything is coming together nicely.  I'm thinking the final release will be in July.  I still have the interior artwork to do and finish the edits.  I'm also working on ideas for Delve! issue 2 in which I'll probably expound on some things in the first issue.  Not to mention, I'll be participating in a crowd funded Lamentations of the Flame Princess adventure.  James Raggi has put together a very cool lineup of folks for a series of Weird Fantasy adventures (check out more here ).  I'm going to be one busy dude as I am going to be doing the art, maps and writing for this adventure.  Not a lot to say other than what I'm working on has some elements of the Tunguska Event, the Sir John Franklin's disastrous expedition to find the Northwest Passa

Delve! Zine Cover Mockup

So here is a peek at a cover mockup for the first issue.  This is not the final version but getting close.  I still have to get the interior work done.  It's beginning to look a lot like Delve! time!

Journey into madness

Yep, I am going to join the crowdfunding OSR RPG crazy train.  However, I am not going it alone.  I've signed on to be part of the Lamentations of the Flame Princess Grand Adventure Campaign !  Much like Delve!, I'm doing all of the writing/art/cartagraphy chores.  This adventure will be designed with the LotFP rule set in mind, but as with all the OSR rules, you can easily adaprt to your rule set of choice.  I've got a ton of work to do for this and there is a pretty impressive lineup (yeah, I gotta admit it's kinda intimidating, but exhilerating at the same time to be mentioned in the same company as these folks).  I've got lots of ideas that will fit in nicely with the LotFP feel.  I don't have much to share at the moment but watch this space for more! Oh, back to Delve!  I've almost finished the cover and have some work to do on the interior art.  Delve! will for sure be "Weird Fantasy" as well, so if you like that sort of stuff, then I think

Progress on Delve!

So, I've sent my winged monkeys out to my stalwart proofreaders to look at the hackjob I've created.  I've received some feedback already and am in the process of revising my text.  I'll wait for all of the feedback before I go into heavy edit mode.  Right now I'm concentrating on the artwork.  I'm coming along nicely on the cover.  I don't know if I've mentioned this yet or not, but my vision of Delve! is not standard fantasy.  It's more weird fantasy much like Lamentations of the Flame Princess or Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea but my presentation is more like what if Jack Kirby, P Craig Russel, Steve Ditko and Mike Mignola collaborated on the story presentation.  I really dig Kirby cosmic weirdness so that is more along the lines of what I'm aiming for (I guess it'll make more sense in light of the artwork I'm doing to go along with it). At any rate, yeah, it's going (but it looks like this time I'm actuall