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Tome of Horrors Complete: Swords and Wizardry version arrived today!

OK, I've been one heck of a busy boy lately and haven't had much blog time :(. Or for that matter, much time to do much else other than work and draw. However, I hope to change that in the next week or so cause I know you guys miss me ;). At any rate, I just received my Swords and Wizardry version of Tome of Horrors Complete from Frog God games . I believe that this version is a limited print run which is a bit unfortunate as from my cursory pass through, it is an EXCELLENT monster resource. I especially like the plot hooks for each critter, a nice addition. I think I did read somewhere that Matt said they were considering an unlimited edition of the Swords and Wizardry version. I sure hope they do because this deserves to be in every gamers horde. Alright, I gotta duck out again but hopefully I won't be gone for so long next time.

Happy Equinox!

Yeah, it's been a bit crazy around the Bingham household but things are starting to wind down a bit. Kind of fitting since today it is now Fall. I've got quite a few art commissions lined up that I'm pretty excited about. I've done some work for Adventurer Conqueror King that I've been rather pleased with and some great stuff for Expeditious Retreat Press. Alphonso Warden sent me a manuscript that I've agreed to collaborate with him on. He doesn't have a publisher yet, but I feel like Alphonso's work has always been top notch and sure is fun to illustrate. Unfortunately, even though I've been cranking through a lot of artwork, I don't have anything to share with you guys just yet. Soon though, I'm excited for you guys to see the cool OSR stuff that just seems to keep coming out.

Marital Bliss

Today Daisey and I celebrate nine years of marital bliss. I don't think it is an exaggeration to say that any successes I've had have been because of her support and encouragement. We've known each other over half my life now and been married for the past nine years. It is awesome to have a wife and partner who fully supports my geekery and encourages me to reach new heights. She provides much appreciated critiques and a sounding board for ideas. Thanks babe, here's to many, many more years of an awesome partnership!

Slowly Getting back into the groove

Whew, I'm back home and just now starting to recover from jetlag. It is awesome to be home, even if my day job has been positively brutal. However, slaying mosnters on the drawing board is helping some with that ;). I've been working on some pieces for the upcoming relase of Adventurer Conqueror King . It was awesome to meet the team at Gen Con and be part of that whole excitement. It was also awesome to get a copy of the Limited Edition Gen Con release. Reading through it is amazing and I'm incredibly excited to get to participate. Tavis has a really good post on what Adventurer Conqueror King is all about on his blog . I'm hoping to get my first batch of illustrations to them over the next few days. I absolutely love the idea that it is not straight up medieval but falls more into Dark Age era stuff which is what I tend to prefer anyway. This will be one to keep an eye on. Oh yeah, I also need to get back to work on Maedsid. I've got some ideas that