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I'm Going to Garry Con (well, not really but sort of)

I just sent a box of four original pieces of art to Lake Geneva, WI today to be auctioned at Gary Con V to help raise money for Ernie Gygax after he lost pretty much everything in a fire.  I like to give to give where I can.  I'll have to admit, that it was a bit surreal mounting, bagging, labeling and shipping art to the fabled land of Lake Geneva.  Making it in to the WotC reprint of the A Series Slaver modules last week and then messaging Luke Gygax about the benefit auction this week has been a bit, um surreal.  So if you are going to Gary Con, have a great time and let me know how the auction goes ;).

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

I got my notification this morning that I was a winner in the WotC A Series art contest.  So it looks like I'll have my myconid picture in the upcoming premium release of the A Series modules by WotC this June.  Another of my friends Chet Minton also was notified of being a winner with his cool roper pic.

Hell Yes!! OD&D Whitebox to be re-released

OK, yeah, I've already got the original set and I have the Swords and Wizardry version, but I'm definitely down for WotCs re-release of the OD&D premium edition.  I am sure there is or will be a lot of banter as to WotC's motives and pricing ($150 is not cheap for a lot of folks).  Sure, this is not aimed at the casual gamer.  I do hope that WotC releases the pdf versions for the folks that don't want to pony up for a premium edition.  I for one am glad that at this point WotC is releasing all of their old material and reprinting some of it in premium formats.  I hope they continue to acknowledge that ALL of the versions of the game are viable options and none is necessarily a replacement for another.  I also hope they continue to at least maintain the live and let live attitude towards the clones and OSR material.  I see this as all potentially being a hell of a great time for being a gamer whether you are old school or not.  I do think it would be cool to see a re

Wizard's A Series Art Contest

OK, I just sent in my entry for the Wizards contest .  I am a little nervous as it said it uploaded the file but I haven't seen it in the gallery yet so I hope I didn't screw anything up.  Here's the piece I submitted.  Go look and vote for your favorite piece!

Cover Me!

I told yah I've been busy!  Here's the latest cover piece Daisey and I did for Expeditious Retreat Press's Advanced Adventures module The Doom of Red Rauthim .  I've got a few more to do for Joe Browning and I'm also hard at work in trying to complete my entry for the Wizards of the Coast A Series contest .  Then back to Delve! 

More Art

Heya gang, I'm still alive and kicking.  Most of my free time has been given over to doing art.  Here's one of my latest for Expeditious Retreat Press's Advanced Adventures line named Bitteroot Briar .  I've got plenty more to keep me busy so keep an eye out for more!