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New Commissioned Art

Here's the final inked piece for my latest commission. I had a lot of fun on this one and am pleased that my style seems to be developing a lot more. I went back and looked at the stuff I was doing four years ago and the stuff I'm doing today and I'm pleased with my progress. And you know what, I think being pleased with your work is really what it is all about.

Latest Fantasy Work

Here's a mostly rendered penciled image for one of my latest commissioned pieces. Usually I don't render them this much,as I tend to want to jump right on in and begin inking. However, it is easier to spot the blacks at the penciled stage (and correct mistakes). This is going to be for Expeditious Retreat Press. Next: to the inks!

Time is Ripe

I've been pretty consumed with my commission work lately and haven't had much time for anything else. I'll post the finished pencils of my latest work here soon. Until then, here's some post-it note randomness from the other day ;).