Pork Products and Prepping for my Vornheim Review

So, Vornheim is one of those products that is not the usual RPG book. I feel like it deserves something a bit different. The key of Vornheim is to actually USE it in crafting your adventures. Zak S has put together a unique experience from city building. So after spending the day in Padova at the botanical gardens and looking at street art, I came home to my grill - my demense to read through Vornheim (check out my wife's blog for my Vornheim read through). Vornheim is not a big book. Only 64 pages. But you know what? Those 64 pages are packed FULL. And so is the cover. And the Dust jacket. Random tables and charts, strange characters and locales, and snakes as books. Brilliant. "But I'm not here to bore you with that," to steal a quote from the book. No, I'm going to actually use this tool to build a city and then review the book based on the experience. At any rate, based on the read through, this is great stuff. But being a good read and a useful tool are not always one and the same. It's late, I've started to build the foundations of my city using Zak's take on city planning from his urban crawl rules (the results kind of reminds me of some Italian city planning). I'm pretty happy with the results and I'll scan them in tomorrow and post them up. But now, I'm full of pork ribs and Aperol Spritz and just finished watching Exit Through the Gift Shop (Which rocked btw) and it's time for bed. So tomorrow, I'll use the Complete City Kit to, um, well, complete my city. Ciao!


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