A man ( and a mother) gotta eat!

Since we've been invited to hang out with our Italian landlords for mother's day, I decided to do my own mother's day feast today. My mother-in-law is staying with us for the next six months while Daisey works on her graduate degree. It's actually working out quite well. At any rate, this is where the pork products part of my blog byline comes in. I love to grill. Really. It's probably one of my favorite activities. So, I'm putting on some pork ribs, Italian sausage, pollenta and pork cutlets tonight. My grill accompaniment is a prosecco/aperol spritz and Delta Green Countdown with a mix of The Misfits/The Cramps/The Young Werewolves on the iPod. Here's some pictures done with my retro camera app on my phone to set the mood ;).


  1. That looks and sounds and very nearly smells like a great night.

  2. Awesome! Great combo grilling meat and Delta Green.

  3. Can't wait to try my first real grilled meats. I've never eat them before. So many new things to try, now that I'm not a veghead.

    Happy Mother's Day to Daisy and her Mom.

  4. @Porky - indeed it was. Grilling is just about my favorite thing to do in the world. Nothing quite like it.

    @Zombiecowboy - They do go great together. Nothing like cthulhu fueled conspiracy to get you in the mood to char some flesh ;).

    @Whisk - When we were first married, Daisey was a vegitarian. Even though I don't have a problem with vegiatrians, she started eating meat when we got pregnant with Bear. I think bacon is the gateway drug to becoming an omnivore ;). At any rate, I'll send them your regards!

  5. Bacon is pretty darn good. I like Coleman uncured. Oh boy, that's good eats.


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