Back from Bavaria

I just got back from Garmisch, Germany today. I gotta tell you, I've been in love with the Bavarian Alps since I lived in Nuremburg as a teen. The area has a very dramatic and romantic feel that one can cetainly see where Wagner got his inspiration from. However, it is of course great to be back home in Bella Italia. I had hoped to be able to accomplish some artwork while I was gone, but alas, I accomplished no such feat. Instead, I spent my days listening to some very enlightening Information Security seminars and spent the evenings enjoying the German cuisine. I did recieve my copies of Vornheim and LotFP Grind House before leaving so I read those as well as my copy of a very decidedly non-old school Eclipse Phase (which is a fantastic Sci-Fi transhuman horror setting even if I find myself a bit befudled by the rules - perhaps adapting the setting to Stars Without Number would be more to my taste). I also got a chance to enjoy my Robin of Sherwood DVDs. My wife doesn't care much for Robin of Sherwood but I have a soft spot for the show which I first encountered when I was 14 living in Nuremburg. It figured into my gaming and was quite the inspiration for me. At the time, I don't recall much in the way of live action fantasy TV shows. Ah, at any rate, I'm going to enjoy my guests in town from Seattle and have some Pronto Pizza and enjoy the family before I head back to the drawing board this weekend.


  1. It's hard to get stuff done on trips, no matter what your intention. The page count of Weird Adventures, alas, advanced not at all the week I was in Hawaii.

  2. Please teleport some Pronto Pizza, this way. I don't know what Pronto Pizza is, but I have a feeling is SUPER GOOD.

  3. @Trey - indeed! I had every intention of trying to work, but in all reality, I find it had to accomplish much if I'm not in my usual art space.

    @Whisk - it is fantastic! I particularly am fond of the tomato sauce, sausage, rosemary, and cream cheese pizza at the moment.

  4. I just started getting into sausage. After being a veghead for life, sausage was one of those meats that I couldn't get to liking. There's still a lot I don't like, but thankfully, I found one that goes really great on homemade bagels, with hot peppers, two links and cheese.

    Num num num.


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