Bingham Family Artistic Collaborations

As you may have noticed, my family highly thrives on creative energy. We don't watch TV or play video games so we spend much of our time reading books (to eachother), playing games and working on creative projects (and getting out and about when the weather is nice - many colds and flu as well as inclement weather have slowed us down a bit this year). At any rate, this has been a very productive winter as far as the creative scene goes. My wife Daisey has really begun to hit her strde on her blog, showing off some of her creatvie endeavors as well as family collaborations. This blog post by her really does a good job at showing off her creative side and comparing and contrasting both of our creative endeavors.

We have more collaborative work coming up in the near future. I've mentioned the Kid Monster project in which I do the pencil and ink work and she does the color. I'll get my son Bear (6) and daughter Rosa (3) involved in actually coming up with the monster ideas (kids have the best imagination for these types of things). Also, I'm working with Bear on a catalog of monsters for old school roleplaying. I've got several of my own projects in which the art and stories will be a family affair. It's great to get to work together to bring such creative things to life!

I'll leave you with a picture of Bear under the influence of the Jedi Mind Trick:


  1. I would get much more work accomplished if I weren't obsessed with playing my PS3 online. Really dig your old school D&D art. Do you keep your online portfolio current? Oh, and you're lucky to be married to a dynamite colorist! You going to post some of the Kid Monster work?

  2. @Felt- Thanks! I need to update my portfolio as it is about a year an a half old at this point. I've got several new pieces which I'd like to show. My wife is a web designer and designed my page so as she gets some free time, I'll ask her to update it for me.


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