Cover Work

I'm primarily a B&W artist so I don't get a chance to do much cover work. I can do color, but I'll admit I'm not too adept at it. However, I've been teaming up with my wife Daisey (an incredible skilled artist in her own right) to bring a bit of color to my work. I'm very excited about the results. Here's one we've done for the cover of one of the latest Advanced Adventures by Expeditious Retreat Press

You can also check it out at Joe Browning's blog here. Very cool!


  1. You guys make a good team! I really dig the wizard's get-up.

  2. I really dig the color palette. Nice work to you both.

  3. I love the wizard! Excellent work!

    Oh and, thanks for giving me a new desktop wallpaper! ;-)

  4. You and your wife make an excellent team. Great picture!

  5. Thank you everyone! We certainly had a lot of fun collaborating on this piece. We have a few more in the works as well. I've got a series of somewhat more whimsical monsters that we are going to collaborate on (you can read about it here:

  6. Sorry to join the party late, but I concur! :D


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