Looking Back: People of the Pit an OSRIC/1e Adventure

One of the projects that I am really proud of but felt that never really got much attention is People of the Pit, an OSRIC Adventure published by Brave Halfling. This was back before Swords and Wizardry and OSRIC was pretty much the king of the clones and Labyrinth Lord was just getting started. I really loved the atomospheric creepiness that Alphonso Warden brings to the adventure and it sure was a heck of a lot of fun to illustrate. I just read a review of it today at Dragonsfoot and was glad to see it getting some much overdue attention. I am glad that John Adams of Brave Halfling Publishing is going to be releasing a Labyrinth Lord version this summer. Here's a look at some of the art I did for this module. Oh yeah, time to interject some crass commercialism here, you can still get the OSRIC version from Lulu here. I don't make any money on further sales, but I'd like to spread the word on this one and see it get a bit more exposure. And for the curious, I actually did the color work on this so if there is any fault, it is mine and not my wife's ;).


  1. Love the composition of that cover man, really intriguing with a cool Mignola vibe about it. I think the header could be stronger, but that's on the layout guy (I suppose it is?). The type seems a bit loose to me and though that's a nice space for the type to sit, I think it could be executed in a more powerful, creative fashion.

  2. Scadgrad, Thank you. Mignola has definitely influenced my work (along with medieval German woodcuts). Yeah, I just did the art, not the layout. I'm excited about the impending re-release for Labyrinth Lord. Alphonso does good work!

    Speaking of good work, great job on your stuff for Pete! I'm looking forward to seeing more.


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