Three is the magic number: Post 333

So, this is my 333 post here on Ostensible Cat.  I've been a little lax in posting for the past few months but things have been really busy.  Daisey and I have been working on various projects.  I've been deeply involved in many of my own projects such as Polstrus Lev (I've got almost the entirety of the first level keyed - 41 areas) as well as running my own weekly game (which is more like a biweekly due to all the illnesses going on around here in bella Italia).  I'm also working on my own zine that I'm tentatively calling Delve! Zine.  I'll have more on that in the future.  Here's a peek at some work I've done for the Lands of Ara blog here.  You can get a sense for Daisey's brilliant color work.  I'm going to do a full post about that piece once Carter and the gang release the compendium. 

Daisey and I also did a cool piece for the Kobold Quarterly artistry contest recently.  They haven't started posting the pictures yet but I'll put a link up when they do.  Speaking of KQ, Wolfgang intimates that they would be willing to publish articles on OSR stuff but they aren't receiving submissions.  Check out this post on their forums here.  I know there are several of you guys out there in blog land that post content on your blogs that would make great articles.  I know we have Fight On!,  Oubliette, Knockspell, and others, but Kobold Quarterly has a wide audience and what better way to get the OSR message out there?  I've done a bit of work for Wolfgang in the past on a couple of Open Design projects and would LOVE to do some illustrations for an OSR article in KQ ;)...


  1. Another Zine...very cool Johnathan. And fantastic name. And thanks for the heads up about KQ. I thought it was just geared toward 4e.

  2. KQ actually focuses quite a bit on Pathfinder. I know Wolfgang is pretty enthused by the whole OSR thing. If you read his editorials in KQ, it's pretty telling that he is a fan of rules light approach (and a few years back when I did some work for his Open Design projects he mused on that as well). I think something like Matt Finch's Old School primer type article with some follow ons would be a great (like the one about rules for splintering shields and maybe a treatise on Jeff Rient's whole FLAILSNAILS idea). With the republishing of the 1e books by WotC, it seems that the time is ripe to harness that interest and let people outside of the OSR know what is going on...


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