All quiet on the Eastern front

Well, not really, as usual, I'm working on stuff and I, um just can't show anyone right now really.  I'm looking forward to getting back to gaming this weekend especially after having been sick.  Polstrus Lev is shaping up nicely.  I'm looking forward to putting my players through it.  Hopefully at some point I'll release it in PDF or something.  But I'll probably need an editor.  This writing stuff is hard so to all you writer types out there, hats off to you.  And to the editors for helping create finely honed works of goodness.  I'm not going to say that writing is harder or easier than the art part of a project, just different and challenging for me.

At any rate, I've been plunking away at a small adventure for Delve! Zine.  I'm waiting for my long stapler and some other supplies to come in the mail.  Here is a teaser (probably not final art as I'm thinking about a card stock cover with hand printed covers of some sort).  More to follow...



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