Kobold Quarterly Artistry Contest

The gang over at Open Design and Kobold Quarterly have just closed submissions for their artistry contest.  Just for fun, Daisey and I threw our names and artwork into the hat.  I'm excited to see the submissions.  I had a lot of fun with this and hope to show off the work Daisey and I did.  Quite frankly, I think she really outdid herself on the color work for this one.  It's a fun piece with a HUGE shout out to the old schoolers.  I've been following Wolfgang's Open Design work since he started it and am very pleased with what they have done.  While the bulk of my attention and affection goes towards Old School D&D, I first and foremost a hobbyist gamer and really love the grass roots hobbyist efforts by the Open Design community.  I even did some work a while back for some Open Design projects.  In the end, I'm excited to see folks that are as obviously fond and committed to gaming doing so well and come up with some cool ideas to boot.


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