Weird Adventures is here!

I'm pretty excited about Trey Causey's Weird Adventures. There is quite a bit of interest in weird fantasy these days. Much of that takes the form of the darker aspects of wied fantasy in a somewhat Lovecraftian vein. However, Mr. Causey has take a different path by revisiting the two fisted tales of the pulp magazines and adding in other strangeness. The pdf was just released yesterday (see here). There is a hardcover release that will follow up fairly soon. If you ever listened to the old radio shows such as the Shadow, read any of the old pulp stories such as Doc Savage, thrilled at the adventures of The Phantom, Mandrake the Magician, or even more modern fare such as Hellboy and the Goon, then you NEED to add this to your collection. It details The City, loosely based upon New York of the interwar (1920's-late 1930's) period. You can use it whole or take the pieces you like. At 165 pages, there is plenty here to inspire. I look forward to reading through this thoroughly many times!


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