Happy Merry!

So, we're making the final preparations for Santa's arrival. Daisey is reading the Night Before Christmas to the kids before sending them off to bed. Tomorrow, the kids will awaken to many presents and I'm sure much fun will be had by all. Santa is bringing Bear the collected Lego Heroica set. I'm not sure who will be more excited, Bear or myself. I'm looking to getting my game on Lego style tomorrow with the boy. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays all!!


  1. Very cool. Happy Weekend and Healthy Happy Wishes to you and the gang. Cheers :-)

  2. Merry Christmas to you, Daisey and the crew. :)

  3. Have a great Christmas Johnathan with your family.

  4. Thanks all. It was a wonderful morning. Now time to subject myself to the all day Italian feast as put on by my landlords. Much wine and good food ;).


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