Happy St. Pattrick's Day and National Unity Day for Italy!

I've not posted much this week due to being busy with work and art commissions (yay!). I'll have quite a bit of new art hitting the streets this year and I'm extremely happy about that. I'm just about ready to wrap up some art for Peter Spahn at Small Niche Games and Joe & Suzi at Expeditious Retreat Press. After that I have a couple of more commissions and then I'll get back to work on my projects.

I just picked up a cool book about explaining the higher dimensions and how creeatures from these dimensions would interact with our world. I fully plan on mining this stuff for Basalt Keep of Wilven the Yellow as well as my OSR "Adventure Path" that I've been pecking away at for quite some time. Well, time to get back to the drawing board!


  1. I think we can all be happy about more of your art getting out there. That book does sound cool too.


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