I'm Going to Garry Con (well, not really but sort of)

I just sent a box of four original pieces of art to Lake Geneva, WI today to be auctioned at Gary Con V to help raise money for Ernie Gygax after he lost pretty much everything in a fire.  I like to give to give where I can.  I'll have to admit, that it was a bit surreal mounting, bagging, labeling and shipping art to the fabled land of Lake Geneva.  Making it in to the WotC reprint of the A Series Slaver modules last week and then messaging Luke Gygax about the benefit auction this week has been a bit, um surreal.  So if you are going to Gary Con, have a great time and let me know how the auction goes ;).


  1. Hi Johnathon,

    Kind of a late comment. I was at Gary Con and your pieces moved pretty vigorously. I was fortunate to win your "Flame On!?!" from Adventurer Conqueror King. If you like to keep track of where your originals have gone, I'd be happy to forward you my contact info.

    I love the piece, it is framed on my office wall so I can enjoy it every day.


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