Cover Me!

I told yah I've been busy!  Here's the latest cover piece Daisey and I did for Expeditious Retreat Press's Advanced Adventures module The Doom of Red Rauthim.  I've got a few more to do for Joe Browning and I'm also hard at work in trying to complete my entry for the Wizards of the Coast A Series contest.  Then back to Delve! 


  1. Great work Johnathan. You make Joe's adventures look purdy. Good luck on your entry into the WotC contest!

  2. Yes, that is a flat-out terrific piece! Spawn and I are also hoping you and Daisey might have time sometime in the next few months to do an adventure module cover for us as well. . .

  3. Carter I'd love to. I've got two more modules worth of work lined up for Expeditious Retreat Press and then I'm free after that. What kind of time frame were you looking at?

    1. Our goal is to have the module completed by the end of 2013 -- nothing more specific than that. Though I already know the gist of what I want for the cover and could send you some details anytime you're ready. Great!

  4. Carter, go ahead and send them when you are ready.


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