Another Isle of Maedsid Map and some art

OK, GenCon is almost upon us and I am getting prepared to depart. However, I'm still working on my Isles of Maedsid adventure. Here's a map for one of the sulevels here the Kulakir (baboon/avian beastmen) reside. The Kulakir live on a world that is comprised of floating landmasses covered in thick jungle growth. Here's a map of one of the landmasses that's nearing completion:

Here's a peek at one piece of art for Maedsid. It's a spectral black dog, one of the guardians of the funerary mound. The drawing is not yet complete, but getting there.

I don't know yet when exactly I'll be done with this so I guess the appropriate answer to that is "it'll be done when it is done." However, I've committed to myself to at the very least have a draft version out before the close of 2011 ;). That is something coming from me since I have been working on my adventure "Sinister Sightings at Dustchappel Downs" since 2006 (and I fully intend on completing that one too)!

Anyway, if you're going to GenCon, stop by the OSR Booth 1541 and chat or come find me wondering around like a slack jawed fool and slap me upside the head ;). I'm bringing some original art for sale too. I have ten pieces matted and some unmatted. Space will be t a premium for me and I wish I could bring more, but it is what it is. Especially since I don't know if any of it will sell ;). At any rate, all of it is from published stuff for those that are interested and it spans from 2007 to the present. OK, enough schilling, back to getting ready for my travels!


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