Lack of Focus

I'm realizing that a goodly portion of my gaming ADD stems from the fact that these days I'm more of a collector and afficianadothan a true gamer. You'd think that being on a military base (albeit a rather small one) would provide ripe grounds for gaming enthusiasts, but as of yet, anyone that I've been able to muster much enthusiasm in has been more interested in D&D 4e or other new shiny game rather than the older style of play I prefer. Plus, it goes beyond that since most of these prospective gamers are easily 15+ years younger and have a different view on what is fun and how to comport themselves in a social setting. Well, my son is almost to gaming age. As he learns to read, I'll encourage him into the gaming style that I am accustomed. Hopefully I have a prospective Old School Gamer on my hands. We shall see...


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