Funerary/Ritual Island Site map

One of my biggest mental obstacles in regards to adventure design is undoubtedly map design. It is mostly because I gt so damn fiddly and wishy washy that they just seem to get out of hand and ultimately go nowhere. That said, I do like the idea of making maps. Here's one that I did about a year ago under the auspices of using it for my as of yet vaporware old school project. I've got a little bit of momentum built up and would like to ultimately tie together the random fits and starts of my adventure/project ideas. The idea behind this particular site is an abandoned island that as in the past used solely for ritualistic/funerary purposes. There is a funerary complex, a few scattered ritualistic sites to observe celestial/seasonal events, altar sites, a ritualistic cleansing site, and some other ideas. The smaller island is the gatehouse that has was the only part of the whole complex that had any semi permanent inhabitants in the form of priests/monks/nuns that were the caretakers of the sacred isle and operated a ferry system to the larger sacred ritual site. I did this on graph paper but of course the blue lines don't reproduce so I'll layer it in photoshop and superimpose it on top of a "graph paper" layer. All in all, I really like the idea and am toying with fleshing it out more and using it as an adventure site. Not quite sure where I want to take it, but It has some really cool possibilities.


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