Delve! and Strange and Sinister Shores

I'm done!  Well, not exactly but the art for delve is done, the layout is complete, a few more edits and I should be good to go.  I printed out a mockup today and it looks good.  I have some card stock for the covers and I'm going to go get myself a laser printer to take up the print duties.  I've registered on RPGNow and I'll do pdf copies through them.  I'm going to go to the post office tomorrow and see what shipping costs will be to ship Stateside before I settle in on a price.  The first issue has lots of art and new spells, new monsters, a new unique demon, a new school of magic (pathognomancy), new magic items and more with the whole weighing in at 38 pages (actually 44 but I'm not counting the cover and OGL).  So, stay tuned, I'll probably be announcing the print version sale soon.  For the pdf copy, I've got a little tweaking to put in bookmarks and the like and to get it into a more friendly format for folks who like to view pdfs on computer rather than print them out. 

Now that I've completed the creative aspects of Delve!  I'm not wasting any time getting to work on my next major project Strange and Sinister Shores.  I have been working on the outdoor maps for the adventure.  I see this being something of a site based adventure with hex crawl like aspects.  The adventure is pretty open ended with no real victory conditions other than getting to the site and returning to tell the tale.  The thing I like about working in the Lamentations of the Flame Princess system is that there are none of the typical fantasy tropes such as codified monsters and the like.  That suits my sensibilities and helps create truly weird stuff that will keep the players guessing.  I'll have more on my progress as I go.  So, more to follow! 


  1. Johnathan, are you planning to offer the print version of Delve outside the US? I'm in the UK and would be interested in knowing what the shipping price would be. Thanks!

  2. I hope you find an envelop to fit that big boy. Very much looking forward to the end product! Glad that artist got off his butt and got to work for you.

  3. @Brian - I live in Italy so I can send through the Italian post. I'll need to check out what the shipping costs would be but yes, that's part of what I need to look into this week.

    @Tim - Yeah, I have some envelopes that fit nicely ;).

  4. Thanks Johnathan! Sounds great.

  5. Great! I'm in the UK! Looking forward to this!

  6. Can't wait for a print sure and keep us up to date!


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