Nothing says I Love you like a Morning Star to the Face

So I wraped up my contributions to Adventurer Conqueror King last weekend. I am happy with my contributions and ecstatic that I was able to participate. I cannot wait for the finished work. Here's a peek at one of my pieces:

Now I'm working on a piece for Carter over at the Lands of Ara Blog. I am having a lot of fun with this piece. Daisey will be doing duty on the color work so I'm anticipating a very nice piece indeed. She always makes me look good ;).

I've decided to rework The Warrens of Polstrus Lev. I'm going to make it a bit darker in tone than the original. I'll rework the original for something else later, but I want Polstrus Level to be part of a series along with Sinister Sightings at Dustcahpel Downs, Isle of Maedsid, Bassalt Keep of Wilven the Yellow, and Shadow of the Umbral Palace. Yes, I'm still working those. Since I'm doing all of the writing, mapping, and art it is taking a while (not to mention my creative ADD). I probably could use some play testers so if anyone is interested let me know and I'll send out the maps and manuscripts when I get that far. Not there yet, but I'll post motre about it when I get that far.

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a good weekend. For those of us American veterans out there, I am honored to have served along side you as a fellow Veteran. Keep on gaming!


  1. I know Daisey's color work will indeed make the Lands of Ara piece look even awesomer, but having seen a preliminary sketch, I would nevertheless insist that YOU ROCK!


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