We're getting more and more settled in and our air freight shipment arrived yesterday.  Good news since a lot of my art supplies were in there along with my desktop computer.  I've been busy sketching out concept art for Expeditious Retreat Press and Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea.  I also picked up Delve!  issue 2 last night to see what was left.  Essentially I just need to finish off the section on quasi-lycanthropes and then go into layout (so good thing I got my desktop back).  I think this weekend we might head for some of the filming locations from the Hobbit/LotR movies - but that depends on the weather.  If not, we might head to Weta cave.  Oh, and Daisey is putting her portfolio together for Weta's costume/set design team.  I would LOVE it if she go on.  It'd be great to get behind the scenes on Weta projects!


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