Cruel Summer

Wow, I just checked that I haven't blogged in about a month and a half.  I say it half jokingly but it was a bit of a cruel summer with my grandfather's passing and a lot of family drama surrounding that.  I've been very busy with the day job trying to sharpen my technical skill sets ahead of a possible career move (I forgot how much I really enjoy programming).  And I've done a ton of artwork this summer (can't show much yet since the finished products have not yet been released.  Autarch's Domains at War and Joseph Bloch's Adventures Dark and Deep Bestiary top that list so look out for those.  I've also had inquiries from others about more possible projects along with some of my own.  Delve issue 2 is very near completion.  I have a few more commissions to get to first though.  But I did want to share some original art that I did for Ronald Redmond for helping me proof Lost Lair of the Lizard Laird.


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