Another Person's Two Cents on the WotC Pdfs

OK, so I finally managed to log on and check out what is avilable so far.  I'm stoked about what I've seen so far.  For Christmas, I was excited to recieve a Kind Fire HD and have proceeded to load all 32 GB of that baby up with digital comics and gaming pdfs.  I gotta say, WotC's release of all this new material is making me decide exactly how I need to manage content on my Kindle.  Anyway, it is a good thing that now I have too much to choose from.  I recall WotC making this announcement back at GenCon 2011 but have since forgotten about it.  Am I afraid of what this means for the small press guys that make Old School stuff?  Not really.  I mean the hard core old school gamers have been supporting the small press guys for years and they still have their origial books.  The release of the old stuff to a newer audience means that new generations will get exposed to a type of gaming that us older folks know and love.  Releasing it as digital content is great too.  With the advancements that have been made in the tablet market in the past two years, I've been consuming a lot of digital material.  I'm a huge comic book freak and now I have only been buying the new stuff digitally.  I was skeptical at first (I love love having the physical copy for oh so many reasons), but rapidly running out of space in my house has really got me on the digital band wagon.  Since I travel a fair amount, it is alos nice to be able to take my comics and gaming material with me.  Will I every go entirely digital - no, I can't see that happening, but I can see selling off some of my less cherished stuff simply to make more room in my house.  Bottom line, I'm excited that WotC has done this.  It'll probably get me to check out some more of their material that I wouldn't have picked up in hard copy as well.  Well, enough rambling for now.  Happy gaming!


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