Ten Years of Marital Bliss and Being Overcome By Events

 Daisey and I as High School Sweethearts (back in the halcyon 80's *gasp - 25 years ago* and near the end of my gaming boom years - but hey, in this case the geek got the girl so no time for gaming).
Daisey and I at our wedding reception ten years ago.  It is interesting to note that in the span of time between these two pictures, 1e AD&D faded from the scene and I left gaming.  When we got married, 3e was in full swing and my gaming renaissance had begun.  Cooincidence?  I think not...

Daisey and I have been married for ten years today.  It alternately seems like much shorter and longer than that (both in a good way).  We've known each other for the past 25 years and dated when we were in High School and remained good friends until we eventually decided to get back together.  It has been an incredible decade.  I have to confess that any small measure of success that I've had in that time is directly attributable her encouragement.  And we've become quite a strong team in many aspects.  So, I'd like to take a moment to thank to love the love of my life for an amazing ten years and I look forward to the decades to come!

So, on to the project front.  Delve! issue 2 is still very much an active work in progress.  My day job has been a bit busy and commanded much of my mental energies so that I've felt quite mentally drained.  However, things are continuing apace.  I've been very excited about some of the ideas that keep coming to me to flesh out Dustchapel Downs.  I'll have more soon as I progress.  Until then, happy gaming!


  1. Congrats! There is not better blessing than a happy marriage!

  2. Happy anniversary! Here's my hopes and wishes for another great 10 years.

  3. That's pretty good going - congratulations from this quarter too! I'll raise with Boric to those future years.

  4. Happy Anniversary. My wife & I knew each other since HS too! We are approaching 17 years of marriage. Wish you many more.


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