Delve! Zine 3 A closer look at the Barbarian nomad class

For the third installment of Delve!, I recreate some of the Oriental Adventures classes for use in Swords and Wizardry Complete. A little context, Delve! Zine issue 3 was originally to be dedicated to summoning/pact magic (that's still in the works), but I decided that for my son Bear's 16th birthday, I would make a change of plans. Bear, much like me when I was his age, has an interest in Japan, manga, anime, etc. He has been playing in our sporadic Swords and Wizardry campaign and I figured that with his interest in Japan, it would be fun to intorduce some character classes that more closely fir with an Asian flavoured setting. So, I got busy and developed four classes for use in a Swords and Wizardry campaign - the Brabarian, the Kensei, the Ninja, and the Samurai. Each has its own destinctive abilities and skills. I didn't recreate and of the magical classes - yet. There just wasn't the time, but I figure that I'll do a magic supplement and a monster supplement to round this out a bit more.

So for now, here is a look at the Barbarian class for Swords and Wizardry:

Barbarian: nomads and raiders that live outside the confines of civilization. They have built a society on the rugged plains, the windswept steppes, and dense forests that are as enduring and formidable as their environment. Honour and loyalty to clan and tribe are absolute. Barbarians are fierce and hearty warriors and as such, can wield all weapons. However, living as nomads, they wear only light and medium armour. Barbarians are notoriously sceptical of magic and therefore will initially not be able to wield magical weapons or don magic armour. Accustomed to riding, the barbarian suffers no penalties to mounted combat to include archery.

Class abilities:

Follow Through: When a Barbarian kills an enemy in melee combat, the barbarian can make another attack at another enemy in melee range. If that enemy dies, the pattern continues.

Alertness: Attuned to their surroundings, A Barbarian is only surprised on a 1 in 6 chance.

Outdoor Tracking: the basic chance for successful tracking (on a day-to-day basis) is 90%, modified by a –10% for each day old the tracks are, and modified by –10% (for the entire effort thereafter) for each day of rain (or snow) that has fallen on the trail.

Healing: On any day, a Barbarian regains hit points at double the standard rate regardless of taking a day of rest. Note that the Barbarian still needs to sleep.

Improving Armor Class: Due to his speed, agility and survival instincts, a Barbarian's armour class improves steadily as they reach new levels.

Travel Speed: A Barbarian's Movement Rate improves incrementally when they reach a new level. As members of a nomadic culture they can endure a forced march rhythm without the need for a forced march check.

I think it'll be a lot of fun to play with the new classes. I've worked up some character sheets for the new classes and will probably have a go at putting them up with the DrivethruRPG PDF of Delve! Zine issue 3. I highly encourage you to go check out the rest for yourself. Here's a link to a lot of new content and art for only $1.99 at DrivethruRPG: 


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