Monday, July 1, 2013

Lost Lair of the Lizard Laird now available digitally!!!!!

Heya gang, Lost Lair of the Lizard Laird is now for sale at RPGNow. Old School Gaming goodness for on a buck ninety nine. Check it out here:  
Thanks for permitting me this moment as a shameless shill - oh what the hell, even if you don't permit it I gonna do it anyway ;).  Just go check it out OK?  Grazie!!


  1. Congrats Johnathan! Going to get a copy now!

  2. Will there be a print edition? Because I'd buy one (if the shipping to continental Europe would permit that)... ;)
    The Pathfinder-PCs of my game are standing just in front of the halls of the Pustulent Lord, btw. Until next game day, that is. :)

  3. Tim, thanks!
    Rorschachhamster - I'm thinking of doing a very limited print run - something on the order of under 50 copies and perhaps less than that. Since I live in Italy, I can drop it in the Italian post so I think it was around a 1,50 for shipping for Delve! issue 1. I'd love to hear about your party's encounters in the halls of the Pustulent Lord!

  4. Hey, Jonathan. Would be glad to get one "for real". I just bought the PDF anyway. I like the zombie-bugs. And I will gladly report on the happenings in the halls, Thursday is game day. ;)

    (Oh, and the heading for room 1 is above the wandering monsters table... thought you liked to know)

  5. Ah, OK, thanks. I'll have to fix that when I get back home next week and send out updated files. Thanks for the catch!

  6. You asked for it and after the second session with the PCs exiting the halls of the Pustulent Lord I'll tell you what happened, as promised. This will be a little longer: We had a lot of fun with Delve! Issue one. SPOILERS!

    The group, 4th to 6th level Pathfinder characters, a dwarven druid named Üpkanä, a gnomish druidess (?) named Tonks, a female half-elfish fighter/cleric (only one level in cleric) named Ingrid (or Inge for short), an elfish mage named Hellsaal and a dwarven Sorceror named Granthor, all CN to CG, decided to do something against the flow of polluted water out of the caves (that one I added to get them involved – two druids and all that...). So after Granthor had a sneak peek, using levitation and invisibility to drag himself along the ceiling, and missed spotting the cats, they decided to built a barrier with stone shape to stop the polluting tickle. Ambush attack of the cats, who get sliced in pieces after injuring Upkanä by surprise. The group went in, found the body, didn't look into the bag of coins, just put it into their bag of holding for later. When the invisible Tonks spotted the contagion guards, they wanted to ambush them... but someone get's to loud and the guards comes upfront to investigate, a short fight with disease sprayed PCs and a lot of trunched contagion guards ends with a gung-ho fireball by the sorceror just before the guard, who was supposed to ring the alarm exists - and almost grills the invisible gnome... The group decides to leave the door alone, as soon as they see the setup with the levers... and enters the throne room. They look at the sphere and are very carefull to not touch it – and Upkanä sits himself upon the throne, to somehow interact with the sphere maybe. He survives heavily wounded on his backside with the help of two create water spells and a lot of scraping... they start to experiment with the sphere, and I allow the mage to decipher the symbols without magic – this beeing Pathfinder and he having a buttload of languages and skillpoints in linguistics... so he knows they are numbers, and after he finally is brave enough to actually touch the sphere they start to arrange them again and again to different combinations... (no random encounters, not in the halls, nor at the portals, that spring into life in different places... :( ). Then they start down the next corridor, and are not noticed by the obviously half asleep contagion guards in front of the door to the slave quarters... dice! The almost unnoticable Tonks (gnomish small, invisible, not even leaving tracks, as a druid) takes a look forward and sees the furnace room and Gogmuth tormenting slaves, and the group decides to go the other way – hey, all are Chaotic... to promptly enter the tube room. Another fight is ended with a fireball (I was half tempted to let something blow up, but I did figure that wasn't going to happen here... shame!), after some injuries and more disease happens – as I described the blood flowing from Upkanä's and Inge's eyes (a random pathfinder disease), Upkanä yelled „We are not even getting payed for this!“ before stomping out... and as this was the end of the day last week and his player couldn't be here this week, a fitting remark to explain his absence... ;)
    So the group released the NPCs, and even though Werron wanted to free some slaves, they didn't really listen to him. They where more interested (and distrustfull) about how the three came here...
    Granthor, meanwhile looked, backed up by NOBODY, into the wraith room - and could flee after getting a hit, that reduced his Con by 4 (So, no level drain, but con drain... I didn't knew that... after playing 3e etc. since 2002...probably forgot it again...). Still no random monster...

  7. Then the group left the rescued (who followed the dwarven druid to the outside) and went straight into the room of Calmos Vectos Mori I.. Hellsaal snatched the crown via mage hand, so no one stood in the cloud, when he released it. Bummer. Even though they managed to hurt him, he did some gruesome things to them via spells... these are really badass, btw. So, after Hellsaal and Inge both botched their saving throw, they started to drown in their own blood... and as Hellsaal did'nt make one of three saves as in the Pathfinder drowning mechanic, he was actually killed... Meanwhile Inge flew into the corridor and managed to apply her last healing spell into her trachea, without puking (after she discarded the idea to cut herself open to apply the spell directly to the lung). I ruled this would help against the drowning blood effect. Because - cool.
    I use the D30 rule in my game, with following caveat: If you want to use it as damage dice, you have to declare it before the attack is rolled, when you miss, it is gone... this rule was by my players. I love them! They hate themselfes, now probably. Because Granthor had used it for a magic missile, that was stopped by the shield spell... and when the dwarf was dropped by an evil eye spell, the still invisible Tonks first watched when Calmos looted the elf, but finally decided to attack him from surprise. Now, not knowing that he had true seeing active, she nonetheless wasn't noticed. Wich was lucky. Not so lucky was that her attack with d30 damage missed. Just a moment after that, Inge returned and surprised the mage, and someone mentioned, that she only needed a 2 to roll. So her player did the d30 damage thing, too. And rolled a 1. Nevertheless the two managed to gain initiative, and hurt him so he opened a dimension door and fled. I allowed them to act while the portal was still open, so Tonks threw a produced flame (without being able to see through the portal) after him and burned him into the negatives (lucky hit!), while Inge wasn't brave enough to jump after him, without knowing the druid gnome had scored a hit, but did a fast peek, seeing him, and all his loot lying unconscious on the floor AND the portal to 1-1-2 in the background. After the Granthor's monkey familar let them know via gestures and speaking with animals from Tonks, that the sorceror wasn't dead, they mourned the loss of Hellsaal and stripped him of all his valuables... And then, while the reawakened Granthor and Tonks where looking outside if the coast was clear, Inge threw the body of Hellsaal, in a last effort to save him somehow, into the super magical pool... and was blinded and deafened by the horrible things that happened to that body. He even looked at her...
    Then, when the party just wanted to exit the halls, a random encounter came up! But it was some slaves in chains, and when they heard the sound (well Inge didn't...), the never bothered to find out and took another route...
    Hellsaal, almost 7th level in slow progression, bit the dust. His player was ok with it, though, and rolled another set of stats, 3d6 in (pathfinder) order. ST 17 DE 17 CO 15 IT 9 WI 15 CH 13! Wow, that surely took the sting a little bit out of it. His second set to choose from wasn't as great, but not bad either.

    This is really shortened, all the role-playing was great, too. Someone asked me last night: „Is this a horror scenario?“ ;) Funny thing is, they have almost nothing to show for their efforts but a handful of stun rods in their bag of holding.

    Oh, and Calmos isn't dead – he just lies unconscious in a secret room. Haven't decided what that means, jet...

  8. rorschachhamster - that is one of the best play reports I've ever read. Send me an email at johnathan dot bingham at gmail dot com and I'll send you the print version and a print copy of Lost Lair of the Lizard Laird! If you don't mind, I'd love to make a post about your actual play experience!

  9. HI, did you do a print copy of this at all? I'd like to buy one if you have any left (or print od issue #2.. I have #1..) Anyway to email me when new stuff become available? I like to support print zines.. (I collect them).. Thanks.. Brette:)